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Musicians Syndicate Bans Hassan Shakosh, 18 Performers from Singing in Egypt

Thu 18 Nov 2021 | 12:35 PM
Yara Sameh

On Wednesday, the Egyptian Musicians Syndicate, headed by veteran Egyptian singer Hany Shaker, banned mahragant singer Hassan Shakosh and 18 other performers, from singing in Egypt.

The names banned from singing came as follows: “Hamo Beca, Hassan Shakoush, Kozbra and hangra, Mustafa Zakaria famous by 'Muslim', Abu Lila, Ahmed Qassem known by 'Filo', Ahmed Moza, Hamo Eltekha, Resha Costa and Samara, Shawah, Walad Selim, El Assaba, El Zaeim, Alaa Fifty, Ferqa El Kaab El Alia, Magdy Shata, Wezza, Shkl, and Amr Haha.

نقابة الموسيقيين المصرية تنشر قائمة تضم 19 مطربا ممنوعين من الغناء في مصر

In a phone-in with "MBC Masr", Shaker explained that the decision was taken more than two months ago.

He noted that some of banned from singing, include inpiduals who cannot sing in programs and films, however, they can perform on YouTube due to the Syndicate's lack of authority over the website.

The famed singer added they can also perform abroad Egypt, stressing that they were prohibited from performing in Egypt, whether on stage, in an advertisement, or a program.

Shaker explained that among these names were those who had no ties with the Syndicate and were working illegally.

He stressed the need for the concerned authorities to alert the tourism police, hotels, and shops, to prevent collaborating with them as well as those who failed in the syndicate exams.

The veteran singer stated that he's open to accepting some of the names banned in the syndicate after they were tested.

“Whoever finds themselves and their paper is ready; completed their army service and have their certificate and wished to take the exam, are welcomed," he confirmed.

Shaker pointed out that the syndicate operates with a selected, trusted group of composers who says who can or cannot pass.

In televised remarks, he added that the list includes inpiduals who cannot read or write, expressing his rejection of those who use the excuse of they work in the entertainment industry as a source of living.

Shaker pointed out that "rap is different from mahragant singing," expressing his admiration for Egyptian rapper Wiggs", stressing that they have good ties.