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Mona Al Deghaidy Signs "Noni W Hakawiha" Book

Mon 14 Mar 2022 | 12:24 AM
Pasant Elzaitony

Mechanical engineer Mona Al Degheidy, famously known as the mother of Asser and Islam Yassin, held a signing ceremony for her book "Noni W Hakawiha" (Noni and her Tales).

The ceremony was organized by Al Dar Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah at the Iconia building in the Zamalek area.

The book is a biography and human development genre. It consists of 276 pages and features a cake recipe that belonged to the author’s mother and pictures from the life stages of her life, family, and friends.

The ceremony was attended by the author’s husband Ashraf Yassin and their children, wives, and grandchildren.

It was also attended by Al Degheidy's friends, members of the Story Club and its founder Nani Naseer, the “Leh La” group and its founder Marwa Harbady, and a number of journalists and writers.

Nora Rashad, the executive director of the publishing house, welcomed the attendees and confirmed that the publishing experience of the book was different in everything, even with the seminar which began with the book signing before the event.

The director pointed out the publishing house collaborates with those who can pen a book in a different writing style.

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*Evolution of the book

Al Degheidy opened about the making of the book. The author noted that she is a member of the story group created by her friend Nani Naseer and was content with reading the wonderful stories by the members of the group, and sending them her comments.

She noted had a strong desire to write about her life and childhood after the coronavirus outbreak and hearing the dua “Mawlay Enni Bei Babak” by Sheikh Sayed Al Nakshabandi.

The author added she posted what she had written in the short story group and earned the members' admiration and then posted it in the “Leh la” group, which also won admiration and encouragement.

Al Degheidy pointed out that she continued to write until Al Dar Al Masriah Al Lubnaniah contacted her on Facebook messenger offering a book deal.

The author revealed after making the first draft of the book, she felt that the Facebook version was just reflections, while the book should include a different writing style, thus she rewrote the book again until it reached the final image.

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*The good and the bad

The book also delved into Al Degheidy's ups and downs. The author noted she went through many ordeals, including being completely paralyzed and the second was losing consciousness.

She pointed out that the best of these experiences was her dear husband, children, and friends.

The author pointed out that the last ordeal she dealt with was quarantine.

“I love the house, but when I was forced to stay at home, it was then that, I hated the house. I stayed at home for six and a half months and didn’t see the street,” she added.

The author pointed out that she always finds an award in every plight she experienced, noting: “The quarantine was an opportunity to get to know my grandchildren who were always busy with schools and practices,”.

Al Degheidy pointed out she created a daily schedule for them and started farming, then baking, and making them face painting.

“I loved them and bonded with them more,” she added.

Contributed by Yara Sameh

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