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Mohamed Emam Shares New Trailer for TV Series "Cobra"

Mon 18 Mar 2024 | 05:22 PM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actor Mohamed Emam shared Sunday on Instagram a new trailer for his upcoming TV series "Cobra".

The cast also includes Rakeen Saad, Amr Abdul Gelil, Mahmoud El-Bezzawy, Mourad Makram, Mohamed Osama, famously known as "Osos", and more.

The series is scripted by Ahmed Mahmoud Abou Zeid, directed by Ahmed Shafek, and produced by the Synergy production company.

"Cobra" consists of 15 episodes and is set to screen during the second half of the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

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"Cobra" marks Emam's comeback to the drama marathon after three years of absence. 

He made his last participation with the 2021 TV series “Al Nimr” (Tiger).

The cast also included Mohamed Reyad, Hannah El Zahed, Nermine El Feky, Ahmed Abdallah Mahmoud, Bayoumi Fouad, Ahmed Khaled Saleh, and others.

“Al Nimr” is written by Mohamed Salah Al-Azab, directed by Sherine Adel, and produced by Synergy production company.

Emam, born on December 16, 1984, comes from an artistic family as his father is ‘El Zaeem’ actor Adel Emam, and the younger brother of director Rami Emam.

He went to Jesuit school before he entered the American University in Cairo. Emam studied theater and acted in many roles at the university including “Atawa in El Maghmati” play directed by Mahmoud El Lozy.

Emam first began his acting career as a child co-starring alongside his father in the 1990 film “Hanafi El Abha” (The Magnificent Hanafi).

His first role as an adult was in the 2003 TV series “Kanaria and Shorkah”. Emam’s first film as the main protagonist was “Al Beeh Romansy” (The Romantic Bey) in 2009.

His TV credits include "El Nemr", “Hogan”, “Lam’yy El Ott”,”Saheb El Saada”,”Firqat Naji Atallah”,”Khatout Hamra", “Bilshama’a El Ahmar”, and “Khatut Hamra”.

Emam is also known for his roles in films "Amohom", “Lis Bagdad”, “Lelyt Hana w Sorour”, “Gahim Fe El Hend”, “Captain Masr”,”Al-Bayh Romancy”, “Hassan and Marcus”, and “The Yacoubian Building”.