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Miss Arab Tourism "Farida Shemi" Enjoys Freediving in Dahab (Photo)

Mon 06 May 2024 | 01:03 AM
Taarek Refaat

Miss Arab Egypt Tourism 2024 Farida EL Shemi shared with fans her most beautiful moments in the Red Sea resort of "Dahab", Including stunning underwater photos while freediving.

El Shemi was enjoying diving in Dahab's Red Sea in, stressing in exclusive statements to Sada El Balad English (See), that she took intensive courses before descending into the depths of the sea, where she dived about 10 meters under the sea.

ِFashion Journalist Ahmed Adel said that the beauty Queen made several freedives with a professional team to help her in the event of any accident under the deep blue sea.

She explained that freediving is very easy, but there are rules when diving in Dahab, except for avoiding contact with any marine creatures, whether octopuses or fish, because most of the creatures in Dahab contain toxic substances.

Among the fish that she saw in Dahab are Red Sea Clown fish, Masked puffer, Equulites klunzingeri, Lionfish, Napoleon wrasse, Scorpionfish, Coral grouper.

When asked about the Dahab's “Blue Hole”, EL Shemi confirmed that it is extremely dangerous and that most of those who dive in that tunnel drown in it. 

She added that "about 100 professional divers drowned in the Blue Hole, and that she did not venture to dive in it due to its extreme danger."

Freediving or skin diving is a mode of underwater diving that relies on breath-holding until resurfacing rather than using a scuba gear.