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Mervat Amin Joins TV Series "Milehah"

Mon 05 Feb 2024 | 07:05 PM
Mervat Amin
Mervat Amin
Yara Sameh

Veteran Egyptian actress Mervat Amin has recently joined the cast of actor Diab's TV series "Milehah".

The cast also includes Hanan Sulieman, Ashraf Zaki, Marwa Anwar, Mohamed Diab, Amir El-Masry, and more. 

The series consists of 15 episodes and hails from director Amr Arafa and screenwriter Rasha Ezzat Al-Gazzar. 

"Milehah" is centered around the Israeli–Palestinian conflict and is set to screen during the Ramadan 2024 drama marathon.

Amin portrays the role of a woman called Hanan, the mother of both Diab and Amir El-Masry.

Principal photography is underway.

Amin participated last Ramadan with the TV series "Taaghere Gaw".

It also starred Menna Shalaby, Sherine, Eyad Nassar, Ahmed Malek, and more.

Mariam Abou Ouf helmed the series from a screenplay by Muna al-Sheemi.

"Taaghere Gaw" follows the many crises Sharifa (played by Shalaby) faces including her mother's (Sherine) addiction to tranquilizers and alcohol as well as her attempted suicide.

It also features Eyad Nassar as a university doctor and Amin as her aunt Zozo.