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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Massive Fire Breaks out at Al-Ahram Studio

Sat 16 Mar 2024 | 09:43 AM
Yara Sameh

A blaze broke out early Saturday at Al-Ahram Studio, where many classic film and television productions were filmed, in the Omraniya area, Giza Governorate.

Five hours ago, the blaze broke out inside a location filming set of Egyptian actor Mostafa Shaban's TV series “Al Moalem".

The series' cast and crew narrowly escaped death after wrapping production on the show before the fire spread to neighboring residential properties, turning vast areas of the old studio into rubble.

The fire, which was first reported at around 02:19 am, had been contained by 9:11 am. 

The Civil Protection dispatched to the scene 6 tanks, 2 winches, a fire hose, and fire engines. Around 50 civil protection officers tackled the inferno at the film studios after it erupted.

Security services cut off electricity and gas from the area surrounding the studio until the fire was put down.

The fire had spread to 6 properties surrounding the burning property. Civil protection evacuated the residents from their residences out of concern for their lives after the blaze reached the palm trees and destroyed them.

The Ministry of Health declared a state of emergency in Giza hospitals.

A member of Civil Protection revealed that the fire spread quickly due to highly flammable materials and wood.

Medical sources dispatched to the site, where there was a large presence of ambulances, said that the fire had not resulted in any deaths so far but left several people suffering from suffocation due to the intense smoke.  

They received medical treatment and their conditions were improved, the sources added.

The authorities launched an investigation to find out the reason behind the accident.

The historic film set was established in 1944 and shot more than 500 film and television productions, the most prominent of which are the film "EL Haraba" and TV shows "Hadret Al-Motaham Aby", "King Farouk", and "Al-Marsa wel Bahar".