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Mai Selim to Participate in Ramadan 2023 Drama Marathon

Thu 24 Nov 2022 | 12:25 PM
Mai Selim
Mai Selim
Yara Sameh

Jordanian singer-actress Mai Selim announced Wednesday that she is collaborating with director Gamil Gamil Maghazi in a new TV Series, which is set to screen in the Ramadan 2023 drama marathon. 

Selim also disclosed that she working on a new single, noting: "I'm very happy with it."

The 39-year-old star added that she is set to star in the film "El Tarot" which shed light on the issue of harassment as well as to appear in the "Captian Jack".

Mai Selim

Selim, born on November 6, 1983, in Abu Dhabi, is the sister of Mais Hamdan and Dana Hamdan.

She presents songs in the Egyptian dialect even though she was born to a Palestinian Jordanian father and a Palestinian mother. The pop star has been living in Egypt ever since she was little. 

She has achieved a great measure of success as a musician and thus was chosen by actor Ahmed El Sekka to star in a leading role alongside him in the 2010 film “Al Dealer”.

Selim is also known for her roles in TV series such as "Lahm Ghazal" (2021), "Darbat Muealam" (2020), "Kheet Hareer" (2020), "Hawadet El Champs-Elysees" (2019), "El-Rehla" (2018), "Azmi Wa Ashgaan" (2018), and "Awalem Khafeya" (2018).

She also starred in televised productions such as "Ekhtyar Egbari" (2017), "El Ab El Rohi" (2017), "Heya We Da Vinci" (2016), "Waly Al-Aahd" (2015), "Hawary Bucharest" (2015), "Al Mutalaqat" (2015), "Al-Sayyad" (2014), "Gabal Al Halal" (2014), "Farq Tawqit" (2014), , "Keid El Hamawat" (2014)), "Bedoun Zikr Asma" (2013) and "Vertigo" (2012).

Selim is also known for her roles in films "Qarmat Bitamrmat" (2019) "Mohamed Hussein" (2019), and "Zana'et Settat" (2015).