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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Korean Culture Center Director Praises Egy. Youth Interest in K-Culture

Sun 12 May 2024 | 03:53 PM
Rana Atef

The Korean National Center in Cairo Director Oh Sungho announced organizing a celebration on the occasion of the center's 10th anniversary next week, followed by another ceremony in October. His announcement came during a press conference on the Korean Cultural Week in Cairo on Sunday.

Sungho revealed that two Korean groups will perform at the celebration, alongside workshops, and an exhibition for Korean culture. A K-Pop music performance is set to conclude the activities.

The Korean official praised the Egyptian civilization, calling it one of the greatest civilizations, and the most effective one in the Middle East. He pointed out that the Egyptian youth are deeply interested in Korean culture, including Korean films, and K-Pop.

Moreover, he announced that next year, a major celebration will take place on the 30th anniversary of the diplomatic relations between two countries.

On teaching the Korean language in Egypt, the director of the center revealed that there is an institute to teach the Korean language in Cairo, in addition to the Korean language departments in Ain Shams and Aswan Universities. However, there is an interest to establishing more centers and departments for Korean language in the Egyptian universities, highlighting that a lot of Egyptian students can speak Korean which is motivating.

Furthermore, he praised the Egyptian adaptation of a Korean novel that was introduced through "Baba Geh" series in last Ramadan.

Finally, Sungho announced that next month, a Korea-Africa summit will be organized to enhance the cooperation and exchange with African countries. He added that Egypt is among the invited countries, wishing its participation.