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King Khufu's boat to be transferred to GEM Today 

Fri 06 Aug 2021 | 09:02 AM
Ali Abu Dashish

Today, King Khufu's boat will be transferred to the Grand Egyptian Museum. The ceremony will take place from 6 pm on Friday, until Saturday morning.

In light of the ceremony of the transfer of the King Khufu boat  from the archaeological area of the pyramids to the Grand Egyptian Museum on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road , all roads and axes leading to the itinerary of the  procession , starting from the gate of the archaeological area overlooking the Fayoum Desert Road, located in front of the city of Al-Ahram Gardens, passing through Al-Rimaya Square and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, and the Grand Egyptian Museum will be closed.

 the roads and axes that will be closed include:

1 - Fayoum Desert Road in both directions, from the roundabout located on the central island in front of Khafre Gate of the Pyramids Gardens to Al Remaya square .

2- Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road in both directions, from Al Remaya Square to areas below the Ring Road.

3 - Al-Remaya Square areas on the direction coming from Mansourieh Road - Kufra Nassar - Al-Ahram Street - King Faisal Street.

[caption id="attachment_259704" align="alignnone" width="1000"]King Khufu's boat King Khufu's boat[/caption]