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Khaled El Sawy Reassures Fans "He's Good" after Reports about His Health

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 10:59 AM
Khaled El Sawy
Khaled El Sawy
Yara Sameh

Egyptian prominent actor Khaled El Sawy reassured his fans that “all is well” after some expressed fears for his well-being.

Concern over El Sawy's health rose among his fans after he didn't show up to the latest episode of "Nogoum FM" radio station presented by radio presenter Enjy Ali.

Ali shared Thursday that El Sawy couldn't make it due to suffering a sudden health crisis and undergoing surgery. She added that the acclaimed actor's condition is improving and under medical observation.

El Sawy thanked his fans and everyone who was concerned about his well-being and pointed out that the surgery he underwent was a dental implant, and there was no health problem as was rumored.

"It was an immediate dental implant only," he affirmed. 

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El Sawy, born on November 25, 1963, studied law at Cairo University and started acting while at college at the university’s theater.

After his graduation in 1985, he studied directing at the Academy of Arts till 1993, then started working as an assistant director in the film “Samaka we Arbaa’ Oroush” (A Fish and Four Sharks).

El Sawy served as a director for several of the Nile International network’s satellite channels.

The actor has co-founded the Egyptian Foundation for Theater Enthusiasts and wrote plays “Haflet Maganin” (Crazy Party), and “Operette El Darfil” (The Dolphin Operette), which he won the Taymour Award for Theatrical Ingenuity in 1991 and 1992, respectively.

El Sawy’s career includes a variety of distinct roles in several films, including “Emaret Yacoubian” (Yacoubian Building), “Keda Reda”, “Cabaret”, “El Farah” (The Wedding), and “El Feel El Azraq” (The Blue Elephant).

He also starred as a lead in television series like “Tofahet Adam” (Adam’s Apple) and “Khatem Suleiman” (Suleiman’s Ring).