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Karol G Scores Her First Grammy

Mon 05 Feb 2024 | 08:38 PM
Karol G
Karol G
Yara Sameh

Karol G scored her first Grammy victory at the 66th annual Grammy Awards on Sunday night.

Adorned in a light greyish blue gown — her signature long pink hair complementing her ensemble — the pop star was visibly elated to earn the Grammy for Best Música Urbana album with her groundbreaking 2023 release, "Mañana Será Bonito". 

“Que viva Colombia,” shouted Maluma, her fellow genre peer from Medellín, after Christina Aguilera presented Karol G as the winner.

Already a recipient of five Latin Grammy Awards and four Billboard Music Awards, this Grammy win adds a significant accolade to her collection. 

In her acceptance speech, the celebrated superstar reflected on her journey, expressing overwhelming happiness, nervousness, and excitement about standing amongst the musical legends she has long admired.

“Hi everybody, my name is Karol G. I am from Medellín, Colombia. This is my first time at the Grammys, and this is my first time holding my own Grammy,” said Karol. “I’m super happy, I’m super nervous, I’m super excited to be in front of so many legends that I admire and respect. This is such a beautiful thing. My album has given me the best memories in my life, my whole life!

“My fans that came and enjoyed my album, and got motivation and inspiration with me, and heal with me. Thank you so much, I promise to give you my best, always, and I hope this is the first of many. So thank you, everybody.”

Regarded as one of this generation’s most influential figures in Latin music, Karol G’s Grammy testifies to her profound impact on the music industry. 

Beyond her numerous awards, she has broken five Guinness World Records as well as was honored with the Rulebreaker Award at the Billboard Women in Music and the Spirit of Hope Award at the Billboard Latin Music Awards.