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Kadim Al Sahir Drops "Ya Wafiya" from Upcoming Album "Maa Alhob"

Fri 26 Jan 2024 | 09:12 AM
Kadim Al Sahir
Kadim Al Sahir
Yara Sameh

Iraqi superstar Kadim Al Sahir dropped the song "Ya Wafiya" from his upcoming album "Maa Alhob", set to debut on Valentine's Day.

It composed by Al Sahir and is lyrics of his friend, the late poet Karim Al Iraqi.

In October 2023, Al Sahir shared his plans to honor Al Iraqi by singing for him in the upcoming album.

In an interview with "DW Arabic", The acclaimed singer noted he began his friendship with Al-Iraqi when he was in his early twenties, at that time he was in military service while Karim Al-Iraqi was a famous poet, and tie that lasted until the last moments of the late poet’s life.

He noted that Al-Iraqi was working on his poems and the lyrics for new songs until the last moment and continued to work despite the pain he experienced during that period. 

In the new album, the acclaimed collaborated with the distributor Michel Fadel on all the album’s songs and contracted with the Benchmark company to distribute the album. 

It will contain 8 or 9 songs, including 4 by the late poet Karim Al-Iraqi, and marks Al Sahir's first album in seven years. He released his last album, “Kitab Al Hob”, in 2016.

Kadim Al Sahir

Kadim Jabbar al-Samarai, known as Kadim Al Sahir, was born on September 12, 1957, in Mosul, Iraq. He is a singer, actor, composer, and songwriter.

The musician has been dubbed The Caesar of Arabic Songs and Iraq’s Ambassador to the World.

Al Sahir had established himself, since he launched his career, as one of the most successful singers in the history of the Arab World.

Releasing numerous albums and touring extensively, Al Sahir has landed his place as both a high-grossing superstar and a respected musical artist.

The acclaimed singer’s reputation continued to grow through collaborations with European and North American artists, including Sarah Brightman and Lenny Kravitz.