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Israel Seizes Resources in West Bank worth $9 Billion Annually, Palestine's Amb. Says

Sun 03 Dec 2023 | 07:13 AM
Taarek Refaat

Ambassador Diab Al-Louh, the Ambassador of the State of Palestine to Egypt, said that Israel seizes natural resources, in the West Bank alone, that generate an annual production of more than $9 billion, such as natural water reservoirs and recently discovered land and sea gas wells, as well as medical agricultural crops and rare tree farms.

This came during his meeting a short while ago with a number of writers and political researchers, at the headquarters of the Egyptian Association for the United Nations, in Cairo, in the presence of Ambassador Mohamed Mounir, Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Egyptian Association for the United Nations, and representatives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and some government agencies.

Al-Louh added that the Israeli occupation controls 62% of the West Bank, while 30% of the Palestinian people live in the remainder of its land, while the Israeli enemy does not stop harassing citizens to leave their homes and emigrate outside Palestine.

He continued that the citizens of Jerusalem suffer from the imposition of exorbitant taxes on them to uproot them and pressure them to abandon their homes, noting that the occupation authorities impose on the Jerusalemite citizen six types of taxes, the most dangerous of which is the “arnona tax” on real estate, as the Israeli government evaluates the homes of Palestinian families to hold them accountable. On every inch built above the roof of the city.

He explained that the main goal of the Arnona tax is to impose more restrictions on Jerusalem citizens building homes on their lands, noting that this tax is levied by the occupation authority with a harsh system to encourage indigenous citizens to sell their homes to escape their high price, or seize them after litigation in Israeli courts as soon as the Palestinians are unable to do so. About payment.

He stressed that the occupation deals with Gaza with a “scorched earth” strategy, because it does not want the slightest developmental movement to take place there, especially after some recent studies have proven that the Strip is floating in some areas on natural gas wells, which may threaten the security and safety of Israel if the resistance exploits it. against it in liberating the land.

He stated that the massacres against civilians in Palestine are a blatant violation of international law, international humanitarian law, and the Fourth Geneva Convention, which explicitly stipulates the criminalization of the occupying authorities’ displacement of people under their authority from their land, in addition to criminalizing bloodshed and the bombing of places of treatment, study, worship, and other civilian platforms.

He explained that the unofficial alternative Arab media exposed the Israeli narrative that the world has adopted for decades, while the Western peoples in Europe and America have become fully aware of the ethnic cleansing going on in Palestine, and Israel’s habit of lying, thanking the alternative media that has carried the banner of defending  Jerusalem since the Battle of the Gates, which occurred in July 2018.

He revealed that the Palestine Embassy had recently launched the “Tibyan” Center as a media platform for the Embassy in Cairo, to respond to all the fallacies and lies adopted by the Zionist media and the international agencies that support it, indicating that it is a step for international media follow-up in coordination with Palestinian communities from all countries of the world, to create powerful forces. Influencing public opinion and decision-making bodies.

He made it clear that the American government supports Israel in the ceasefire and not the war. Biden provided full support to the Israeli entity, with arms supplies, American defense generals present in the Israeli war council, marines, and aircraft carriers.

It showed that the Zionist entity spends more than 3 billion pounds on its war in Gaza alone every 3 days, which confirms that Israel is not fighting alone, but that the United States is an essential partner in the war, despite the opposition of 46% of American voters to “Biden” in the election. His broad support decisions for the occupying state.