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Iran Investigates Death of Man Shot while Celebrating World Cup Loss

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 06:36 AM
Taarek Refaat

Iranian media reported that the country's authorities have arrested a police chief on charges of killing a young man by shooting him while he was celebrating the loss of the Iranian national team in the World Cup.

The "Mizan Online" website of the Iranian judiciary stated that Mehran Samak, 27, was killed in the northern city of Bandar Anzali on November 30, after being shot.

The Iranian news agency "IRNA" quoted a police official as saying that Samak was killed "during a gathering" after Iran's loss to the United States team and its exit from the World Cup, as the team's defeat in Qatar sparked mixed reactions from supporters and opponents of the government.

The legal adviser to the police in Gilan province, said, "Mehran Samak, who was killed, was shot and unfortunately died of his wounds."

Attorney Majeed Ahmadi, who represents Samak's family, wrote on social media that the city's police chief was among those arrested, saying: "A week after the death of Mehran Samak and given the evidence, a police chief was placed in pretrial detention," according to "Tasnim" news agency.

Foreign rights groups alleged that Samak was shot dead by Iranian security forces after he honked his car horn during celebrations following Iran's loss.