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In conversation with Miss Eco ”Chloë Reweghs” on Beauty, Wedding Traditions in Belgium

Mon 15 Apr 2024 | 04:43 AM
Taarek Refaat

Miss Eco Belgium ”Chloë Reweghs” said in an exclusive interview with Sada el Balad English (See), when asked about beauty, that no matter what you look like, it is the way you treat people that will make you beautiful.

Skin Color & Beauty 

Reweghs added that skin color doesn’t matter in Belgium. Some tan better than others but the beauty standard is for everyone different. Some think blonde girls are pretty some think brunettes are prettier. Some prefer white skin some prefer darker skin. Everyone has their own taste and that’s completely fine but in my opinion, beauty comes from the inside. 

Q & A

What are the traditions of weddings in Belgium?

You will have to be 18 years old if you want to get married in Belgium.

We have traditional weddings, you can choose if you want to marry in a church or just only in city hall. After the ceremony we also have big Parties with lots of food and music. Mostly the bride wears a white long dress and the man wears a suit. When we walk down the aisle the bride's dad will walk next to her. 

I think that both in Belgium and Egypt we have lots of food to eat on the wedding and a typical wedding intro dance, we also celebrate that day with our family and friends.

Actually my neighbors Hanne and Tommy just got married. I wish them a peaceful life and to love each other in good and bad times. This wedding party was after the official ceremony. It was in their garden, they made it with “country vibes”.

What are the qualities you find best in men?

I already have a boyfriend "Simon". He is a typical Belgian man if I can say, he is very friendly, kind and helpful. He is a pharmacist, he likes to help people, which is very important for me.

What country do you want to spend your honeymoon in?

I don’t know it yet ...  maybe in a warmer country than Belgium.

Does a husband have to bring gold to the wife before marriage?

No, we don’t have that here. It doesn’t matter how much money you have and you don’t have to buy her a house. We do it together here, and we don’t have to bring gold. 

Here in Belgium, you can decide on yourself who you want to love and marry. Parents don't intervene. Skin color, money or status doesn’t matter here.

Is it Easy to Buy an apartment in Belgium? 

Houses and apartments are very expensive, but you can get a loan by the bank if you want to buy a house but, you have to have a bit of money if you want to do that.

Belgian Citizenship

You have to proof that you are learning our language and that you work here and that you have the right documents to be in Belgium and to live here.

What are the rights and privileges that a young man gets upon marriage, and does the Belgian government support families when they have children, in terms of education and health? 

Yeah the government helps families and support them for the education for their children and when you don’t have a job they will give you a budget to survive, until you’ve found a new job. 

Gender Equality in Belgium

Man and woman are almost equal in Belgium. So the man doesn’t have more privileges than a woman. But when you get married you’ll have a bigger chance to get a loan from the bank because you can put your money together.