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How Is Egypt Preparing to Host COP27?

Wed 04 May 2022 | 04:11 PM
Ahmed Emam

Egypt's government, the UN, and other international stakeholders hold a series of high-level dialogues about the preparation for the next edition of the Climate Change Conference (COP27) that will take place at the end of this year in Sharm El-Sheikh city.

As part of the preparatory process for COP27, the Alexandria office of the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency launched this week the first sessions of the national dialogue on climate change, according to the Ministry of Environment.

The African country is also set to host the Czech Minister of Environment Anna Hubackova, who affirmed that her country is looking forward to collaborating with the Egyptian side in the COP27 preparation, the ministry reported.

Her visit will reflect a wide range of bilateral and multilateral issues of common interest related to the climate change conference’s agenda, according to the latest domestic reports.

In November, Sharm El-Sheikh will host COP27, a global climate event that would contribute to accelerating climate actions and change the people's behaviors and attitudes towards environmental issues.

COP27 is shaping up to be the most significant environmental panel since the Glasgow summit in 2021, when nations agreed to work together to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees under a set of rules now known as the Glasgow Agreement.

In this regard, UNDP announced that it is committed to supporting the Egyptian partners and all practical measures to counter the effects of climate change.

As the Red Sea resort is gearing up to welcome the guests, world leaders, and climate activists alike, the Sharm El-Sheikh province will share active travel routes to COP27 locations, promoting walking, wheeling, and cycling as safe and sustainable ways to get around the city.

Moreover, it received 300 electric buses in cooperation with the Ministry of Environment and built a garage in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport on an area of 100,000 square meters containing chargers for electric cars. The city is working on converting a total of 800 taxis to work with natural gas.

It's worth mentioning that many recent domestic reports and international ones also pointed to the upcoming conference as an opportunity to reduce carbon dioxide emissions in Egypt and combat the impact of the global environmental crisis.

Also in this regard, the latest reports noted that Egypt has already taken many steps in the preparation for the summit.