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Hisham Abdel Khalek Unveils Reason Behind Sherif Arafa Choosing Film "El Leab Ma El Eyal"

Wed 01 May 2024 | 04:15 PM
El Leab Ma El Eyal
El Leab Ma El Eyal
Yara Sameh

Two years after releasing “The Crime”, which focuses on action and suspense, producer Hisham Abdel Khalek and director Sherif Arafa are presenting “El Leab Ma El Eyal” during the Eid Al-Adha movie marathon. 

The film marks the first cooperation between Arafa and Mohamed Emam, the son of his long-time collaborator Adel Emam, who previously worked with Arafa in five prominent films: “El Leab Ma El Kobar”, “Al Mansi”, “El Erhab Wel Kebab”, “Toyour El Zalam”, and “Al Nawm Fi Al Aasal”.

El Leab Ma El Eyal

El Leab Ma El Eyal

Concerning this collaboration, Abdel Khaleq stated, “The film includes a nice paradox; it brings together esteemed director Sherif Arafa and the son of star Adel Emam I hope that Sherif and Mohamed will present a new quintet that is similar to what his father presented, especially since Mohamed is talented and has a large fan base”. 

He added that the film marks Arafa’s return to the artistic scene after a two-year absence. 

As for the reason behind presenting a comedy film with Arafa after the thriller and suspense film “The Crime”, he commented, “I’ve cooperated with Arafa for over 12 years. I figured out that he is always keen on diversity. That’s the secret of his continuity. He succeeded in enhancing his tools and always developed his capabilities. He was able to address the minds and hearts of diversified generations. His current collaboration with Mohamed Emam is the best evidence. After 26 years of working with star Adel Emam, he is cooperating with his son with a renewed spirit.“El Leab Ma El Eyal” belongs to the genres that Arafa previously presented, such as “Al Nazer” with the late Alaa Wali El-Din and “Great Beans of China”. These are successful films which achieved huge revenues”.

El Leab Ma El Eyal

“El Leab Ma El Eyal” is produced by United Artists for Cinema and Video and features an ensemble cast that also includes Asmaa Galal, Bayoumi Fouad, Bassem Samra, Mohamed Mahmoud, Wizo, and more.

It tells the story of a young man who faces a number of crises and hardships that turn his life upside down in a comedic framework.