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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

High prices, Drought, Heat Ravage Vegetables, Fruits in Europe

Mon 06 Mar 2023 | 11:46 AM
Drought-stricken Mississippi River
Drought-stricken Mississippi River
Ahmed Moamar

The repercussions of the Ukrainian war and climate change threaten global food chains, while the triangle of high prices, drought, and heat ravages the production of vegetables and fruits in Europe.

Food security is declining and the risk of hunger in the world is increasing.

During recent years, heat waves, droughts, and floods have become more frequent all over the world in addition to geopolitical changes due to the Ukraine war and what caused food crises in the world.

These extreme weather phenomena affect supply chains, infrastructure, people's livelihoods, and global food production, as in recent decades. The world has suffered from several bouts of agricultural production shortages in the main growing regions of the planet.

And according to the Spanish newspaper "La Meria", more scientific studies indicate that with the rise in the temperature of the planet, the possibility of severe weather events affecting many grain silos at the same time increases, a situation that is beginning to be felt with expectations of a flare-up of the crisis in the coming years.

And this represents a very important challenge to the global food system, Especially in the context of global crises.