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Here's Who Will Perform at Rams Road Celebration

Thu 25 Nov 2021 | 03:26 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

On Thursday, Egypt will hold the world's collective attention with the reopening of the ancient Rams road, in the oldest city in history, Luxor.

The historical event will take place at 07:30 PM (Cairo local time).

Egyptian maestro Nader Abbassi, who co-created the music composition alongside Ahmed El Mougy, unveiled the lineup of the performers set to take part in the ceremony.

Below, a complete breakdown of the performances.

The list of soloists, in order of appearance: Shahd Ezz “First Call”, Haidy Moussa “Hatshepsut” song, Ezz El Ostool “Amon Ra” song, and Wael El Fashni “Luxor is our country” song.

About 160 percussionists of djembe and Arab Military Music performers will take part in the reopening.

The event will also feature the performance of the Union Philharmonic Orchestra and Choir, led by maestro Abbassi.

Dr. Maisara Abdallah selected the poems from the chants and hymns on the temple walls for the celebration of the most famous holiday in ancient Egypt, which is the Opet Festival.

Sound Engineer Mafdy Thabet will manage the sound engineering and recording for the Philharmonic Union Orchestra and Choir.

Contributed by Yara Sameh