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Hawass Lectures at Copenhagen University

Mon 18 Sep 2023 | 10:37 PM
Ali Abo dashish

Renowned Egyptologist Dr. Zahi Hawass Lectured about the latest archaeological discoveries at Copenhagen University.

Many Egyptologists and media persons attended the event.

Hawass provided details about the discoveries made by the Egyptian mission near the pyramid of King Teti in Saqqara, and the search for Huni Pyramid.

He also unveiled the secrets of the lost golden city in Luxor, which was used by King Amenhotep III and Tutankhamun for 3,000 years.

In another context, the maven Egyptologist expressed his belief that the Afrocentric movement, which claims that the Kingdom of Kush ruled Egypt during the 25th Dynasty, will end, noting that such claims are misleading and false.

Hesham Hanafy, Director of the Central Office for the Northern European and Baltic Markets at the Egyptian Tourism Promotion Authority, said that they held a number of successful cultural and media events in cooperation with tour operators in European Markets to promote Egypt's tourism.

These events included a press conference, a public lecture by Dr. Hawass, and a reception for dignitaries and professionals in the tourism sector.