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Zahi Hawass Reveals Why Mummies are Exhibited in NMEC

Tue 18 Aug 2020 | 09:57 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

Dr. Zahi Hawass, Egyptian archaeologist and former minister of antiquities, said that (NMEC) in Fustat is the most important cultural project in the world in the 21st first century.

During his meeting with journalist Khaled Abu Bakr on the "Kol Youm-Every Day" talk show program. Hawass said: "The tourists come to Egypt to see the pyramids and mummies, so a museum without mummies no one will enter.

"It will be the greatest and largest museum in the world," Hawass said. "The interior design, exhibition and the antiquities will be dazzling."

He pointed out that there is great interest on the part of the Egyptian state and the political leadership in Egyptian antiquities.

Hawass noted that Disney is preparing a cartoon program in the name of Little Zahi, which talks about the antiquities and Pharaonic history.

Hawass explained that the foreign missions that excavate antiquities obtain only a literary right and bear the costs of excavation.

He expressed that it is very important to any archaeologist to have a deep passion for Egyptian antiquities themselves.

Hawass added that he persuaded former US President Barack Obama not to ride a camel around the pyramids in order not to make the image of Egypt restricted to using camels and confining them to ancient times.

Contributed By Ahmad El-Assasy