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Greece Hands Over Olympic Flame to France, Flame Set to Depart to Marseille on Sat

Sat 27 Apr 2024 | 02:46 PM
Rana Atef

The Olympic flame will start its voyage to France from its homelands Greece on Saturday on board the Belem.

The celebrations of the Torch Relay will continue until the kicking off Paris Games opening ceremony along the river Seine on July 26.

Paris Olympics chief organizer Tony Estanguet said: "The feelings are so exceptional. It's such an emotion for me."

He hailed the "great coincidence" how the Belem was launched just weeks after the first modern Olympic Games were held in Athens in 1896.

Trireme "Olympias" again in the water escorting MN "BELEM" carrying the Olympic Flame to France and the #ParisOlympics2024 #Greece We wish it a great journey and great games to the French people.

He added: "These games mean a lot. It's been a centenary since the last time we organised the Olympic games in our country."

The flame was accompanied off the port of Piraeus by the trireme Olympias of the Greek Navy and 25 sailing boats.

The Belem is set to arrive in Marseille, where a Greek colony was founded in around 600 BCE, on May 8.

Over 1000 vessels will accompany the flame, French officials have said.

French swimmer Florent Manaudou will be the first torch bearer in Marseille. His sister Laure was the second torch bearer in ancient Olympia, where the flame was lit on April 16.

La Flamme Olympique est officiellement entre les mains de #Paris2024 🔥

Après 11 jours de relais en Grèce, ramenons la Flamme à la maison, en France 🇫🇷


The Olympic Flame has officially been handed to Paris 2024 🔥

After 11 days around Greece, it is time to bring the Flame back…

Ten thousand torchbearers will then carry the flame across 64 French cities and territories.

It will travel through more than 450 towns and cities through France and overseas French territories in the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Pacific before reaching Paris.

On Friday, Greece passed the Olympic flame of the 2024 Games, at a ceremony, to France.

A still fabulous Nana Mouskouri (89) singing La Marseillaise at the Olympic Flame Handover Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium in Athens. #Paris2024

Hellenic Olympic Committee chairman Spyros Capralos handed the torch to Estanguet at the Panathenaic Stadium, where the Olympics were held in 1896.

🔥The Olympic flame leaves the Panathenaic Stadium in Athens and will soon be in France.

⚓ On Saturday, it boards the French ship Belem, bound for Marseille.#OlympicTorchRelay | #Paris2024 | @Paris2024