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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Get to Know Google Egypt's 2022 Top Searches

Fri 09 Dec 2022 | 07:24 PM
Rana Atef

2022 is coming to an end, and after a few days, the world will receive a new year with hopes, ambitions, and joy. Therefore, several platforms released the recap of the year such as Google. 

A few weeks ago, Google released the most searched words and topics globally, and in the US, however, the latest release of Google, which came out on Thursday, was concerned with the top searched topics, and words in Egypt.

According to the latest release, the most searched topics were:

The latest prices of the US dollar against the Egyptian pound came on the top of the list.

After that came COP 27, Egypt's subsidy, the FIFA World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations 2022, Egypt's Football National Team, and the registration for receiving the Coronavirus vaccine.

Also, the list contained the latest events of the solar eclipse and earthquakes, alongside the Russian-Ukrainian War.

Moving to the most searched figures on Google Egypt, they were Rayan (the child who died after being trapped inside a well, actress and TV presenter Mayar Al Biblawy, actor Hesham Salim who passed away this year after battling cancer, TV presenter Shaimaa Gamal who was killed by her husband, George Al Rassi who passed away this year in a tragic accident, Samir Sabry who passed away this year, Sherine Abu Akleh who was assassinated this year during a coverage, new Minister of Education Reda Heggazy, and actress Jala Fahmy who passed away this year. 

Singer Sherine Abdel Wahab who was a hot headline due to her dispute with Hossam Habib, her marriage to Habib, and her addiction.

Regarding the top searched songs in Egypt were: Karim Mahmoud Abdel Aziz and Mohamed Osama's "El Ghazala Rayaa'a," Akram Hosny's "Sito Ana," "Shaimaa" mahragan, Wegz' "Al Bakht," "Yumati Babaat Salamat" by Abdel Fattah Grini, Ahmed Saad's "Aaliki Eyoun," Amr Diab's "Enta El Haz," Ahmed Saad's "Wassa Wassa," Ahmed Farid's "Law Gai Fi Rogo' Ensani," and Joudy's "Wesh Jabak Ole Wesh Jabak."

In the field of sports, the top searched topics were Egypt Football National Team, FIFA World Cup, Africa Cup of Nations, Egypt vs. Senegal, Manchester City vs. Liverpool, Al Ahly vs. Sundowns, South Korea vs. Egypt, Al Ragaa vs. Al Ahly, Al Ahly vs. Al Zamalek, and Liverpool vs. Bournemouth.

Finally, the top searched TV series were Touba, Ana Wa Heya, Al Ekhteyar III, Abo Al Arousa III, Al Kebier Awy VI, Al Meshwar, Aamel Eh, Al Beit Beity, Al Maddah, Al Maddah II, Al Aeedon.