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"Fast & Furious 11" to Begin Production Early 2025

Thu 02 May 2024 | 08:23 AM
Fast & Furious 9
Fast & Furious 9
Yara Sameh

After nearly two decades, the finish line is finally in sight for The Fast and the Furious franchise as the final installment is coming into view. 

With the first entry released in 2001, the franchise has gone on to spawn nine more installements, with the latest being "Fast X" which saw Dominic Toretto (Vin Diesel) come into deadly conflict with a bizzarre enemy, Dante played by Jason Momoa. 

The pic had ended on a cliffhanger, and its story is set to wrap with the final film in the franchsie - "Fast X: Part 2". 

Speaking in an interview with CBR, franchise star Tyrese Gibson has addressed the upcoming installment, noting that production on the sequel will begin in early 2025.

The Bloodline Killer star explains that production on the sequel was impacted by the SAG-AFTRA strikes that took place in 2023. 

"Because of the strike, both strikes, there were some real delays in writing and kind of getting the film up on its feet. I'm hearing that we're going to get it going right in 2025, right at the top of the year," Gibson explained. 

He added, "I think right now the pressure is to elevate the movieand take the film to some other levels. As you've seen, Gal Gadot and The Rock are back, which is exciting."

“Fast is now the longest running franchise in movie history featuring the same actors playing the same characters,” Vin Diesel had previously noted with the actor teasing that the elebenth installment will be hitting theaters on April 4, 2025. 

In lieu of Tyrese's update, it is safe to assume that the film will be delayed to late 2025 or sometime in 2026. A postponement was obviously never the plan as Tyrese had previously revealed that the final two installments would film in quich succession, promising at the time to touch multiple continents.

"I have definitely asked some questions about 10 and 11. It has been confirmed we are going to shoot back-to-back and get both in the can. Which is interesting. I’m hearing that we’re going to touch a lot of continents between the two. I cannot say where, but a lot."

The Fast and Furious franchise built much of its fanbase on the thrill of speed emerging from behind the wheel of a car, and in the aftermath of Fast X, many fans had clamored for the franchise to focus more on car racing. 

Earlier in the year, a report suggested that the final installment will return "back-to-basics". Quizzed on this, Tyrese reveals that fans desires are being given serious attention. "I know that fans over the years have been wanting to kind of ground the film and get back to more of the street racingand get away from being in outer space and all the other stuff." He stated, "I think right now they're in the basement, they're riding, they're cooking, they're really trying to pull it together, to make sure that the fans can show up and really enjoy the film."