Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Farouk Hosny Foundation Organizes Architecture Art Award Seminar

Fri 17 Mar 2023 | 07:37 PM
Rana Atef

Farouk Hosny Foundation for Culture and Arts resumed its art awards seminars, on Tuesday, with a seminar dedicated to architecture.

The El Hanager Center of Arts hosted the third seminar of the foundation. A number of jury members of the Architecture Competition took part in the event.

They were: Dr. Souhair Zaki Hawass, Professor of Architecture and Urban Design, Faculty of Engineering, Cairo University, Mohamed Abo Seeda; Architect and Head of the National Authority for Urban Harmony, Hamdi El Stouhy; Public Building Design Consultant – Expert at the International Council on Monuments and Heritage ICOMOS, and Hatem Al Saeed; Architect.

Moderated by Hawass, the speakers started by explaining the concept of this year's competition that tackled designing a platform or a center for creativity. 

It targeted to raise the awareness of promising architects towards the major issues of their communities, in addition to motivating them to find smart, and architectural solutions for the devastating factors that threaten mankind. 

On his side, Abo Seeda asserted that the competition aimed to discover creative tendencies, and how young artists can present a smart project that symbolizes means to deal with future challenges. 

El Stouhy explained the relationship between architecture and the future, and architects rule in finding the right solutions for the people. In addition, he underscored that architects should be aware of any updates, and changes in the future. That's why he revealed that the community and artists should take care of promising and creative voices. 

Al Saeed also talked about creativity and architecture, and he reviewed a number of his personal experiences and experiments.

In addition, he shed light on the importance of competitions for young artists and how they enhance their talents.

During the event, the winning projects were reviewed and presented by the jury members.

Finally, the speakers thanked the passion and determination of the participating artists.