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Farouk Hosny Art Awards Reach New Milestone with 5th Edition

Mon 26 Feb 2024 | 01:28 PM
Farouk Hosny Art Awards 2024
Farouk Hosny Art Awards 2024
Rana Atef

Since its foundation in 2019, the Farouk Hosny Foundation bridges veteran artists and culture figures and young promising, and enthusiastic artists. In addition, it opens the door for artists nationwide and in different fields, therefore, young artists in Egypt consider this day as their big day. Farouk Hosny Art Awards become not only a competition for encouraging promising artists in Egypt but also a platform for engaging different experiences and backgrounds. A day for Egyptian culture. 

The passionate eyes, the energetic discussions, and the pride represented in each artwork are among the signs of the healthy, positive, and free environment that the foundation provided for the artists.

Yesterday, the dream of a devoted artist and culture figure, Farouk Hosny, continued to enrich and cherish the scene of arts and culture for the fifth year, and fifth edition of Art Awards.

Famous TV Host, and a member of the Farouk Hosny Foundation's Board of Trustees Jasmin Taha presented and opened the ceremony, showing the milestones of the foundation in its fifth Art Awards.

1959 artworks were submitted to the foundation's 5th Art Awards in five competitions. 

In addition, the number of participants reached 1000 artists from various parts of Egypt. 173 participants qualified for the final stage with 161 artworks and projects which will be displayed during the group exhibition. 

During the ceremony, a voice message for the former Culture Minister, and the iconic artist Farouk Hosny was released as he couldn't attend the event due to medical reasons. 

Hosny congratulated the participants, showing his pride in the huge number of submitted works, and the devotion of the promising artists who are eager to show their works. He also promised the exhibitors that he would inspect their work in the exhibition later.

He also asserted the rejection of postponing the ceremony to let the young artists 

He also congratulated veteran writer and artist Sanaa El Beisy on her honoring with the Grand Merit Award. 

After that, the vice president of the foundation's board of trustees famous businessman Naguib Sawiris stepped on the stage to give a small speech. He praised the iconic work and efforts of Hosny in the field of arts and culture, recalling some of his achievements during his run as a Minister of Culture, including the opening of the new opera, the restoration of a lot of historical landmarks and mosques in Egypt, and establishing various platforms for young artists.

Next, the Secretary-General of the Grand Merit Award and a member of the foundation's Board of Trustees Mohamed Salmawy, and the Minister of Culture Dr. Neven El Killany presented the award to the veteran journalist and artist El Beisy after screening a short film about the achievements of El Beisy who had wide contributions as a journalist, artist, painter, and author. 

El Beisy presented a short speech after receiving the award. She thanked the foundation and Farouk Hosny for his efforts, and Art Awards. In addition, she talked briefly about her career in journalism and arts, thanking Dr. Mostafa El Feki for his support during her career. She also praised the activity of the foundation in the scene of arts and culture.

Shortly, a short documentary film about the fifth edition, the process of receiving the artworks, and the evaluation were screened before announcing the winners.

The first announced prize was the Art Critique

The winners were:

1st: Sara Ahmed Hassan Oudah

2nd: Shaimaa Samir Abdel Moniom

3rd: Shaimaa Mahmoud Ahmed

After that, the winners of the Architecture Awards were announced. This competition is special as it had different group and individual participation.

The winners were:

1st: the project of Loujaina Ahmed Mohamed

2nd: the group of Mohamed Nasser Mahmoud, Nidaa Hany Mahboub Ahmed, and Abdel Rahman Emad El Din Rashad

3rd: the project of Mohamed Badawy Shehata

Honorary Certificates: the group of Youssef Mohamed Mahmoud, Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, and Hossam Gamal El Yammany

Shortly, the winners of the Photography Award were announced. They were:

1st: Hanan Mohamed Maa'mon El Saied

2nd: Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim

3rd: Tasnim Ahmed Mohamed

After that came the Sculpture Award, and the winners were:

1st: Hossam Mostafa Ramadan

2nd: Ibrahim Awad Mohamed

3rd: Marwa Magdy Eid, and Mohamed Saied Mohamed

Finally, the winners of the Painting Awards were announced. They were:

1st: Ahmed Salah Aaref El Gendy

2nd: Khaled El Eegezy Fathallah Ahmed

3rd: Shady Mohamed Hamed 

The Art Awards Ceremony was attended by Dr. Neven El Killany, the Minister of Culture,  iconic Businessman Naguib Sawiris, and veteran Thinker Mostafa El Feki, alongside the members of different competitions’ juries, and officials.

The group exhibition of the Farouk Hosny Art Awards is taking place between March 25, and March 7 at the El Gezira Arts Center, in El Zamalek.