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Farmers "Obliged" to Supply Percentage of Wheat to Local Authorities- Supply Minister

Fri 18 Mar 2022 | 11:21 PM
Taarek Refaat

The Minister of Supply and Internal Trade Ali Al-Moselhi issued a resolution regarding the regulation of trading and dealing with local wheat for the 2022 harvest season.

The resolution stipulates the necessity to hand over to the authorities part of the crop at the rate of 12 ardebs per feddan as a minimum, based on possession of the agricultural sector registered with the Ministry of Agriculture, stressing that the degree of cleanliness of wheat delivered to marketing authorities should not be less than 22.5 carats.

A feddan can now yield 18-20 ardebs on average.

The decree, which will come into force on the next day of its publication in the official gazette.

Authorities here meant the Egyptian Holding Company for Silos and Storage (EHCSS), the General Company for Silos and Storage, the mill companies affiliated to the Holding Company for Food Industries, and the Agricultural Bank of Egypt.

The minister stressed that if any quantities of wheat are sold before the decision is issued, buyers must deliver the specified quantities to the authorities with the same prescribed terms and conditions.

The decision also stressed the prohibition of selling the rest of the wheat resulting from the 2022 harvest season to non-governmental bodies, whether the sale is to a natural or legal person, except after obtaining a permit from the Ministry of Supply, and the permit must include in particular the approval of the quantities, purpose of purchase and approval of storage places.

The decision also prohibited the transfer of wheat resulting from the season from any place to another unless after obtaining a permit to do so from the marketing authorities.

He pointed out that the authorities are obligated to immediately pay the farmers who supply the quantities specified in the article, from the he second date of this decision and a maximum of (48 hours) from the date of receipt.

He stressed that whoever refuses to deliver the specified quantities will be deprived of disbursing subsidized fertilizers for the next planting season, and he is also deprived of any support provided by the Egyptian Agricultural Bank.

"The persons who participated in the sale of wheat are jointly liable, whether they were sellers, buyers, intermediaries or financiers, and in all cases. The violation shall be confiscated, and the means of transport or traction used in transporting it shall be seized and confiscated."