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Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder Reunite for Movie "Checkmate"

Thu 02 May 2024 | 02:33 PM
Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder 
Emma Stone and Nathan Fielder 
Yara Sameh

Following the success of “The Curse,” Emma Stone, Nathan Fielder, and A24 are teaming up again to take on the cutthroat world of chess.

The studio has won the rights to the hot feature package “Checkmate,” based on a book proposal by author Ben Mezrich, whose works were adapted into “The Social Network” and “Dumb Money.”

The story centers on what has been described as the “biggest scandal in the history of chess,” following the controversial 2022 head-to-head match between Grandmasters Magnus Carlsen, then world champion, and Hans Niemann, during which the latter was accused of cheating.

After a competitive situation in which multiple studios and streamers showed interest in the project, A24 nabbed the rights thanks to a reported seven-figure offer. 

While the deals are still in the works, but Fielder is currently attached to direct, with Stone on board to produce with her husband and partner Dave McCary under their Fruit Tree banner.

The project builds on Stone, Fielder and A24’s successful collaboration on the Showtime series “The Curse,” a dark dramedy which is predicted to be a major contender this Emmys season.

It would also be the latest chess move for Stone’s Fruit Tree, which recently set up an untitled film at Universal starring the two-time Oscar winner and directed by McCary.