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Elissa: I'm Living a Love Story and See Myself Settling Down with Him

Thu 28 Mar 2024 | 03:21 PM
Yara Sameh

Lebanese superstar Elissa has shared insight into her private and romantic life.

In an interview with journalist Amr Adib on the "Big Time Podcast", the singer disclosed that she is involved with a non-Lebanese guy who does not interfere with the way she appears on stage and has great respect for her work.

“The person I love respects my work a lot and gets jealous about me. If I appear in a music video with a young man, he will be jealous but will not be involved in my work,” she said.

Elissa added, "No one interferes in my work. On stage, I am the one who decides what I do. Our relationship began while I was doing this, so he should not interfere in the matter, but when we go out together, he may comment on my clothes, and often I change and replace them with others,".

“My love is two or three years older than me, but we were born on the same day, and our thinking and nature are very close to each other,” she continued.

“He is not Lebanese... and he is rich,” adding that she is in constant contact with him, but he lives abroad. 

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When asked if they plan to get married soon, Elissa responded: “I could get married... I would love to marry this particular person.”

The singer concluded her speech by affirming that she has a lot of experience and that what she currently cares about is good company, regardless of having children.

“I don’t care about having children because I don’t have any left to have them,” she noted.

Regarding Adib’s attempt to discover his name, she commented: “When we go public, you will know his name and you will be happy.”