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Egypt Transports King Khufu's First Solar Boat to GEM (Photos)

Sat 07 Aug 2021 | 06:15 AM
Ali Abu Dashish

Egypt started transporting on Friday the first Khufu solar boat from the Giza pyramids plateau to the Grand Egyptian Museum (GEM).

A specialized intelligent remote-controlled vehicle imported from Belgium is used to transport the boat.

According to reports, it will take about 10 hours for the solar boat to reach its new headquarters in GEM.

The boat will be displayed in the Khufu Boat Museum, which is equipped with the latest scientific and technological methods.

The solar boat is about 4,500 years old and is 43 meters long and nearly 6 meters wide. It was discovered by Egyptian archaeologist and journalist Kamal el-Malakh in 1954.

King Khufu's First Solar Boat