Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Sends Aid to African Brothers to Fight Coronavirus

Sat 05 Sep 2020 | 07:04 PM
Ezzeldin Essam Ezzeldin

In the framework of brotherhood and friendship relations that tie Egypt with its African brothers, and the president's directives to quickly send in-kind medical aid worth 4 million dollars to 30 African countries to help them in containing the challenges resulting from the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic.

This shows the influential contributions to the African Fund for Responding to Covid-19 in the African Union.

Accordingly, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Sameh Shoukry, assigned Ambassador Soha Gendy, Assistant Minister of Foreign Affairs, Director of the Department of African Organizations and Communities, to coordinate the efforts of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, in cooperation with a number of ministries and concerned Egyptian authorities.

The authorities include the Unified Purchase Authority for Medical Supplies, the Ministries of Civil Aviation and Finance, and EgyptAir to prepare for sending medical aid to the sisterly African countries, each shipment of which contain one and a half tons for each African country.

The first batch of aids in this context has already been directed to 10 African countries. The procedures for shipping the second batch to 20 other countries are being completed during the upcoming period.

Ambassador "Gendy" welcomed, on Friday evening, at Cairo International Airport, a number of ambassadors of the concerned countries, as part of the arrangements for sending aids, who expressed their appreciation for the Egyptian efforts; EgyptAir plane loaded with humanitarian medical aid took off at dawn today, Saturday.