Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Participates in Workshop in Morocco on Climate, Sustainable Tourism

Thu 29 Feb 2024 | 11:53 PM
Ali abo dashish- Ahmed Emam

The workshop is part of a World Bank study on revitalizing climate tourism in Egypt, Morocco, and Lebanon. During the workshop, the impact of climate change on tourism in these countries will be discussed, and policies and ways to promote green and sustainable tourism will be presented.

The workshop includes interactive discussions related to climate and sustainability issues, where the challenges and best practices in the countries participating in the workshop regarding climate conservation will be reviewed. Mr. Amr Al-Qadi, CEO of the Egyptian General Authority for Tourism Promotion, and Professor Youmna Al-Bahar, Assistant Minister of Tourism and Antiquities for Technical Affairs and Minister's Office, will participate in the discussions.

During the session, representatives of the participating countries, including Amr Al-Qadi, presented a general vision of the tourism sector in their countries, its economic importance, its role in providing job opportunities, the current situation and developments witnessed by the tourism sector in these countries, and tourism products and patterns. They discussed the extent to which this vision reflects the link between sustainability and tourism.

Al-Qadi spoke about the importance of the tourism industry in Egypt for the national economy, as it is one of the most important sources of foreign currency, and it also contributes to providing job opportunities directly and indirectly. He will review the general framework of the national strategy for tourism in Egypt, which was launched in November 2022. He talked about the development witnessed by the infrastructure in Egypt, which witnessed an improvement in the road network and means of transportation, and the establishment of new tourist cities.

In his address, Al-Qadi referred to the general policies of the Egyptian state regarding the issue of climate change, pointing to Egypt’s experience in transforming the city of Sharm El-Sheikh into a green, environmentally friendly city, especially in light of its hosting of the twenty-seventh Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Climate Change Convention (COP 27).