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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt, IFAD Hold AgriTech Meet Forum

Tue 31 May 2022 | 01:51 PM
Ahmed Emam

A high-level delegation of senior staff of the International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) has participated in organizing the AgriTech Meet forum, which runs from May 30 to 31 in Cairo, with a wide range of sessions, and agri-technology projects planned.

On the sidelines of the current AgriTech Meet forum, IFAD high ranking delegation hold a series of discussions on enhancing aspects of digital infrastructure and talks over the coordination actions as well as the readiness of Egypt and the Arab world for digital adoption with the Egyptian government, UNDP representatives, and Egypt's private sector, including a number of agricultural and communication renowned firms and startups.

In the same connection, the Egyptian ministers highlighted the results of implementing the digital transformation approach in (National Pathways of Egypt), Haya Karima (Decent life), and COP 27  (Digitalization and Climate action).

In her address at the opening of the forum, the Associate Vice-President - Strategy and Knowledge Department (SKD) at IFAD Dr. Jyotsna Puri affirmed the importance of sustainable economic policies that would promote the full participation private sector and academia in the developing process.

She called for using innovative solutions to ensure scalability, sustainability, and efficiency of the agri-value chain.

Speaking to Sada Elbald English (SEE), IFAD's Head of HUb/ Country Director Bernard Hien said: "We are investing in programs that will help Egyptians to cope with the current global climate change and end the poverty by 2030 as part of their commitment to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)."

Meanwhile, the Director of IFAD's Sustainable Production, Markets and Institutions Division Thouraya Triki told SEE that IFAD is organizing this event to stimulate important conversations about how it can promote digital agriculture in order to help more ruler producers, who are the core target of IFAD aimed the global food crises, Covid-19, and climate change which makes the things more difficult.

"Agriculture is an important sector in Egypt, where many ruler producers and poor people rely on it for their income and livelihood."

"For us, it was very important to trigger a conversation between all relevant stakeholders on how we can act in a more coordinated and efficient way in order to come up with concert solutions to end the poverty and hunger issue," she said.

She also praised the government for its impressive efforts in promoting artificial intelligence (AI) and different innovative ways among perse sectors.

Egypt has recently made numerous improvements in the regulatory ecosystem, not only through simplifying the establishment of startups and improving access to finance, but they have also opened the door for start-ups to pitch their ideas for digital transformation, according to the IFAD delegation.

IFAD currently has three critical ongoing projects in Egypt, which are Promoting Resilience in Desert Environments (PRIDE); Sustainable Agriculture Investments and Livelihoods (SAIL); and the Promotion of Rural Incomes through Market Enhancement (PRIME) project, the delegation revealed.

They noted that IFAD is investing US$ 203.47 million in these rural development projects out of a total cost of US$ 284.49 million. The projects are expected to benefit many people in Egypt's rural areas.