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Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

Egypt Aims to Become Top World Destination for 2023

Mon 02 Jan 2023 | 11:14 PM
Ahmed Emam

Travel Off Path website revealed that Egypt is spending billions on becoming a more welcoming destination for travelers in 2023.

In an article published on Jan. 2, Travel Off Path showed that the undisputed most popular destination for 2023 is Egypt.

Egypt wants to become a competitive international destination that offers visitors an array of museums, cultural attractions, fine dining, appealing remote work life, and nightlife to choose from.

The country is currently building a new capital city that is said to cost around $59 billion and will be opening in 2023. The new capital is 28 miles to the east of Cairo and is being built on the desert, a size equivalent to Singapore.

It is expected to house 6.5 million people when completed, and the government has committed to allocate 15 square meters of green space per person, with planted greenery twice the size of Central Park in New York.

Kenneth Vásquez Laya to Skift, who is the director of the travel agency Egypt Tourism USA, said: “Cairo is also undergoing a major facelift now with new museums, restoration projects taking place, malls opening, more luxury activities on the Nile for locals and visitors to enjoy. I have a feeling that Cairo will change for the better.”

In 2022, Egypt saw almost 5 million visitors at the start of the year, which was an 85% growth compared to last year, proving that more and more travelers are considering Egypt as their travel destination.