Supervisor Elham AbolFateh
Editor in Chief Mohamed Wadie

EGX Records Collective Losses .. Market Cap Loses EGP 47.8 Billion

Sun 31 Mar 2024 | 07:41 PM
A file photo of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX)
A file photo of the Egyptian Exchange (EGX)
Taarek Refaat

Egyptian stock exchange (EGX) indices declined collectively at the end of Sunday's trading session, under pressure from local sales.

The main index "EGX 30" fell by 2.45% to close at 26,883.39 points. The index of medium and small companies, the EGX 70 EWI also fell by 3.51% to end the session at 6,174 points. The broader EGX 100 EWI fell by 3.43% to close at 6,174 points. 8767 points.

Market cap declined during today's session by about EGP 47.8 billion, closing at EGP 1.811 trillion compared to EGP 1.859 trillion during last Thursday's session.

During today's session, 478 million shares were traded, with a trading value of about EGP 2.26 billion through 84.35 thousand transactions.

In terms of investor transactions, Egyptians tended towards selling, recording a net amount of EGP 136.1 million.

While Arab investors' transactions in stocks tended to buy, recording a net amount of about EGP 58.27 million.

Foreigners' transactions tended to also buy shares, recording a net amount of EGP 77.82 pounds.