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"Dune: Part Two" Release Date Moves Up Two Weeks

Sat 18 Nov 2023 | 12:11 PM
Yara Sameh

Warner Bros. and Legendary‘s “Dune: Part Two” is moving around the release schedule once again, although this time, it’s being pushed up. 

The space epic sequel will open nationwide on March 1, two weeks earlier than the March 15 date Warner Bros. set in August when it moved “Dune: Part Two” out of 2023 amid Hollywood strikes. The sequel was initially set to open on November 3.

“Dune: Part Two” is the second chapter in Denis Villeneuve’s adaptation of Frank Herbert’s seminal science-fiction novel. 

The first movie opened simultaneously in theaters and on Max, formerly known as HBO Max, in November 2021 and grossed $402 million at the worldwide box office. It also earned 10 Academy Award nominations, including Best Picture, and won the Oscars for original score, sound, film editing, cinematography, production design, and visual effects.

“Dune” cast members Timothée Chalamet, Zendaya, Rebecca Ferguson, Josh Brolin, Dave Bautista, Stellan Skarsgård, Charlotte Rampling, and Javier Bardem are all back for the second chapter.

Newcomers to the franchise include Christopher Walken, Austin Butler, Florence Pugh, and Léa Seydoux.

Seydoux is set to play Lady Margot, the Bene Gesserit wife of the Mentat Count Hasimir Fenring.

Pugh portrays Princess Irulan, the daughter of the emperor, while Butler stars as Feyd-Rautha, the cunning nephew of the baron who heads House Harkonnen and who is being groomed to rule Arrakis.

Walken will play Emperor Shaddam IV, the ruler of the known universe who initially sends the Atreides family to Arrakis to cause their downfall.

“I just I loved the first film so much,” Butler previously told Variety about stepping into Villeneuve’s world. 

“It was this cinematic masterpiece, so the idea of getting to be a part of that world is just incredibly exciting and Denis is one of my favorite filmmakers and just an amazing human being. He’s so kind and I’m a fan of every one of those actors in the film, so I felt really honored.”

In a recent interview with Empire, Villeneuve shared his hopes for a third installment in the sci-fi epic film series, saying, “If I succeed in making a trilogy, that would be the dream,”.

On “Dune: Part Three” progress, Villeneuve teased, “I will say, there are words on paper.” The project would be based on “Dune Messiah,” the direct sequel to “Dune” author Frank Herbert’s 1965 original novel.

The official “Dune: Part Two” synopsis from Warner Bros. and Legendary reads: “This follow-up film will explore the mythic journey of Paul Atreides as he unites with Chani and the Fremen while on a warpath of revenge against the conspirators who destroyed his family. Facing a choice between the love of his life and the fate of the known universe, he endeavors to prevent a terrible future only he can foresee.”