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Dina El Sherbiny Dishes on Romance with Her Mystery Man

Wed 01 May 2024 | 02:58 PM
Dina El Sherbiny
Dina El Sherbiny
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Dina El Sherbiny's romantic journey has been marked by divorce, rumors, and speculation. After her surprising split from megastar Amr Diab.

In a new interview with "ON" TV Channel, El Sherbiny shared further insight into her ongoing relationship with her partner.

She shut down the ongoing speculation about the identity of her mysterious man to be Emirati talk show host Anas Bukhash. 

The rumors circulated on social media after opening up about her relationship status last year and announced getting involved in a new romance.  This was her first time to be in a relationship since splitting up with Diab in 2020 after a relationship that lasted for three years.

Amr Diab with actress Dina El Sherbiny and others

“I'm currently living a love story. He is a very special person and I respect him very much. His decency was demonstrated after the departure of my father and mother, something I have yet to comprehend,” El Sherbiny shared.

"He is an Egyptian from outside the showbiz, and there is no truth to what is said that he is a famous media person," she added. "These are rumors and I'm used to them, so I do not respond to this type of news,".

“His name is Hussein and he is in the field of business, which is completely outside the scene. We have mutual friends and know each other as well as meet with our friends on regular outings,".

she continued, "He is respectful, fears god, a religious man, kind, and delightful. He supports me without appearing in the picture and always keeping his eye on me from afar,”.

“He is far from the spotlight. We are similar in many things, but he does not like the spotlight. He was dazed at first by the fame and the limelight, but he has now grasped the situation. He does not follow rumors but I always read them after they pass because my social media team is in charge of Facebook and Twitter, and I only love Instagram and TikTok.”