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CNN Reports Egypt's National Projects` Success Story

Wed 04 Mar 2020 | 05:40 PM
Ahmad El-Assasy

A recent report broadcast by the American CNN station highlighted a number of success stories of governmental and other projects in the private sector that have been achieved on the ground in Egypt during the last period, under the title "Made in Egypt."

The newspaper highlighted the strength of the Egyptian economy, which was a major reason for the progress of these projects and their positive results.

At the beginning of the CNN report, it was noted that Egypt, the country with the largest population in the Arab region, is building the "iconic tower" intended to be the highest in Africa.

The report touched on the global strategic importance of the Suez Canal. It reviewed the success story of the " Halan" of rickshaw  (tuk-tuk).

CNN report pointed out that the Suez Canal is one of the most important waterways around the world. It is a vital passage for ships for more than 150 years, during which goods are transported between Europe and Asia.

Egypt has an ambitious plan to modernize the waterway, to cope with the sizes of large ships as well as the establishment of logistical zones in the Suez Canal Zone serving the companies that wish to transfer their products to all countries of the world.

The report mentioned by the CEO of Dubai Ports World - Sokhna, that SCZone has witnessed during the past three years an evolution in the level of business and commercial movement.

He pointed out to the transactions of inpiduals and the expansion of the Suez Canal by 35 km contributed to double the number of ships passing through the Suez Canal.

He confirmed that this increase in traffic led to the establishment of a free economic zone along the canal, attracting manufacturers from all over the world.