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BTS’ Suga Drops Debut Solo Album "D-DAY": Stream It Now

Fri 21 Apr 2023 | 01:34 PM
Yara Sameh

Suga, a member of K-pop sensation BTS, dropped on Friday his anticipated full-length solo debut "D-DAY" via Big Hit Music.

The 10-song album arrives under the K-pop idol's alter ego Agust D and opens with the collection’s title track, “D-Day”, and also features “Haegeum (produced by Agust D), “HUH?!” (co-written by J-Hope), and “Amygdala”.

The album’s second half includes a collaboration with recently deceased Oscar-winning composer Ryuichi Sakamoto.

It also features “SDL”, pre-release single “People Pt. 2 (feat. IU), “Polar Night”, “Interlude: Dawn” “Snooze (feat. Ryuichi Sakamoto and Kim Woosung of The Rose), and “Life Goes On”; the final track is also co-written by J-Hope).

Along with D-DAY, Suga is releasing Road to D-DAY, a companion documentary that follows the K-pop idol through the process of creating and recording the studio set.

 The special is scheduled to premiere on Disney+, which also hosts J-Hope’s "J-Hope IN THE BOX" and BTS’ "Permission to Dance On Stage – LA" concert special, on the same day as the album’s arrival. 

Speaking to Billboard about the album, Suga said he doesn’t have a different mindset when releasing music solo as Agust D or as Suga in BTS.

He explained that “Ultimately, the goal of releasing this music is for as many people to listen to my music as possible. So, ‘People Pt.2’ was made thinking about how people will receive Agust D’s music, which is why we also featured IU. It’s kind of a trial to release this music under the name Agust D. I’m actually a little bit worried.”

The South Korean rapper added that “Pt. 2” deals with seeking connection and fighting loneliness, whereas the first part of the song, “People,” from the 2020 D-2 mixtape looked externally to other people’s judgments.

“I think loneliness is being together in modern society. I always talk about loneliness in my interviews, but regretfully, it isn’t always in the final interview,” he said.

Suga added, “Not only me, everyone has this loneliness inside them until the moment they die. However deep you are in a relationship, how much you engage with other people, how many friends you meet, or how often you meet with your family, you always have the loneliness inside,".

"This album doesn’t really finalize everything in its message either. So, there might be a possibility there could be a ‘Part 3’ later on. For now, we’re just trying to say, ‘Let’s not hate each other. Let’s find a way.'”