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Osama Bin Laden's "Letter to America" Goes Viral due to War on Gaza

Fri 17 Nov 2023 | 02:36 AM
Taarek Refaat

During the past hours, the name of Osama bin Laden went viral between TikTokers especially American youth. Bin Laden’s return came because of a letter he wrote about 22 years ago that sparked a wave of strong reactions among users, after it was directly linked to the current aggression against Palestinians, and the ongoing war on Gaza.

The two-page document, written in 2002, is now circulated as a polemic against the United States, as the letter talks about the cause of the September attacks that were orchestrated by the founder of Al Qaeda.

Although two decades have passed since the letter was first written, it has found a new audience on TikTok, where some users expressed their shock, and some even agreed with bin Laden’s point of view and that he was right, according to what the Washington Post announced in Report to her

In the letter, Bin Laden accused the United States of America, especially regarding its support for Israel and the perceived oppression of the Palestinians, and even blamed America for funding actions that lead to the suffering of Muslims in Afghanistan and Palestine, justifying attacks on American civilians as a form of revenge.

According to the American “CNBC” website, many users of the “Tik Tok” application in the United States began circulating the old message of the leader of Al-Qaeda, extensively, during the past two days, and many of those who circulated the message even supported some of the opinions contained in it that relate to the Palestinian issue. .

The letter written by Bin Laden in 2002 stated that America created Israel and supports it continuously, and this is a great injustice, so the United States of America is a major player in this injustice, and all those who contributed to this work will bear a great responsibility, and must face serious consequences.

Bin Laden also said in his letter that Palestine has been under occupation for decades, and none of America's presidents spoke about it until after September 11, when Bush realized that America's oppression and tyranny against Palestine and Afghanistan was part of the reason for the attack. Therefore, America must implement a road map that returns the land of Palestine to all its people, from the sea to the river. It is Islamic land that may not be traded or given to any party.

For a letter that was published on the Guardian website 22 years ago, after it was circulated again, the newspaper issued a decision to remove it on November 15, which sparked widespread controversy, prompting the newspaper’s spokesman to comment to the Daily Beast, saying, “The text published on our website before... 20 years ago was shared widely on social media outside of its original context.”