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Biden Moves Quickly to Pass $1.9 Trillion Relief Package  

Mon 15 Feb 2021 | 04:42 PM
Ahmed Moamar

US President Joe Biden's allies have said that with the end of the impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump in the Senate, Biden will move quickly to pass a $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief package.

He seeks to proceed with his larger agenda in Congress, which includes infrastructure, immigration, criminal justice, climate change, and care health, according to what the New York Times said.

The newspaper pointed out that Biden has so far succeeded in pushing his agenda forward, even under the control of impeachment, trial, and then acquittal of Trump. House committees are already discussing parts of the Corona relief legislation that Biden called the "US rescue plan", and the appointment of a number of his cabinet members has been approved.

And Biden's team is pressuring lawmakers for quick action when senators return from their vacation that lasts until the end of this week.

Jennifer Palmieri, who served as director of communications for former President Barack Obama, said that without the scene of a constitutional clash, the new president is now in center stage in a way that the few weeks did not allow, adding that the end of the trial means that Biden's presidency can actually be.

Biden had reiterated his hopes for bipartisan support after the Senate’s decision to acquit Trumpز

He pledged to work across party lines to "heal the nation's spirit." But, as the newspaper says, Biden's prospects appear complicated by the fact that much of his agenda aims to dismantle   Trump's policies or tackle what Democrats have described as its failures, and most importantly, the underdeveloped response to the pandemic.

The newspaper said that the votes of Republicans in the Senate, who opposed the conviction of Trump, indicate the challenges that Biden will face, which is that a small number of Republicans are ready to bear the anger of Trump's strong political movement, at a time when Trump controls most of the party.