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Best Things to Do in Aswan

Tue 09 Jan 2024 | 02:40 PM
Nile in Aswan
Nile in Aswan
Ahmed Emam

Aswan, located in southern Egypt, has a unique look and feel compared to other places in Egypt. Here are the top things to do in Aswan to help plan your visit.

If you are visiting Aswan, make sure to visit the beautiful Philae Temple. It is one of the best-preserved Ptolemaic temples in Egypt, along with the temples of Dendera and Edfu. The temple complex was primarily built during the Ptolemaic period with Isis as the primary deity of worship, although Osiris and Hathor were also honored. Additionally, Philae Temple was used as a church by Christians, and you can see carvings of Coptic Crosses inside the temple.

In the past, Philae Island, where the temple is located, was submerged underwater due to the construction of the Aswan Old Dam. However, the temple was dismantled and reassembled on the nearby island of Agilkia under the direction of UNESCO in the 1960s. 

To visit the temple, head to the Philae Temple Marina on the mainland, purchase your entrance tickets from the ticket booth, and take a motorboat to Philae Island. Expect to pay around 500 EGP for a boat that can fit up to eight people.

Once you arrive at the temple, it can be overwhelming due to the number of motorboats. Disembark your boat and explore the temple, where you can climb to the top of one of the pylons for an additional cost. This is highly recommended as it provides an incredible view of the temple complex and the Nile River. 

The cost is 140 EGP per adult and 70 EGP per student, and you can purchase tickets from the attendant at the bottom of the stairs.

After your visit, finding your taxi boat back to the mainland can be challenging, so it is worth having a guide to help you. Once you find your boat, pay the driver upon your return to the mainland. Overall, visiting Philae Temple is a must-do activity in Aswan.