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Best Places to Visit in Egypt during Ramadan

Tue 12 Mar 2024 | 02:13 PM
Ahmed Emam

Ramadan month holds a special place in the hearts of Egyptians as it goes beyond being just a religious observance. It is the spirit that runs through the country's music and energy, making it the lifeblood of their nation. Its influence lingers long after the month ends and the last crescent moon fades.

To experience Ramadan like a local, don't just seek out delicious food. Look for places that capture the authentic spirit of the holy month, where the atmosphere complements the traditional flavors.

1. Al-Hussein:

During Ramadan, many people, both Egyptians and foreign visitors, flock to Midan Al-Hussein, a historic area in the heart of Cairo. This vibrant district, also known as "Hayy Al-Bahga Al-Ramadenya" (meaning "The Ramadan Neighborhood of Joy"), embodies the spirit of the holy month in Egypt. Throughout Ramadan, Midan Al-Hussein comes alive with bustling streets filled with friendly greetings and a variety of entertainment options. The sense of community is what makes this area special. People of all ages and backgrounds come together to share tables and meals. 

During the hour before iftar, the streets and alleys transform into a giant open-air restaurant, welcoming everyone with open arms. Lanterns and decorations also light up Al Hussein's narrow streets as people gather for traditional Ramadan celebrations. The beauty of the area is further enhanced by the sight of prayers at El-Hussein Mosque, where a peaceful and spiritual atmosphere fills the space.

2. Al-Azhar Park:

Al-Azhar Park is an excellent choice for those who want to organize their own Iftar gatherings in a beautiful and spacious outdoor setting. This expansive park offers plenty of room to spread out blankets, set up tables, and comfortably accommodate your group. Breaking your fast surrounded by nature and the gentle hum of park life creates a memorable and unique iftar experience compared to more traditional restaurant settings.

3. The Maze of Khan El-Khalili

The Khan El-Khalili Maze is a wonderful destination to explore while visiting Cairo during the month of Ramadan. This marketplace area boasts winding alleys brimming with diverse shops, merchants, artists, street performers, and numerous other attractions. It is an ideal spot to acquire unique Egyptian souvenirs and immerse yourself in a vibrant bazaar atmosphere.