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Antiquities Releases Images of Colored Coffins Found at Luxor

Tue 15 Oct 2019 | 02:43 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

Dr Khalid El Enani, Minister of Antiquities and Dr Mustafa Waziri, General –Secretary of the Higher Council of Antiquities head for Luxor, some 800 km south to Cairo, on Monday.

They inspected the site of digging carried out by the archeological mission under Ministry of Antiquities at ancient cemetery of Al-Assasif village in the western bank of the Nile River next Luxor.

The mission succeeded on Sunday in discovering a cache of colored wooden coffins.

The minister is going to hold a news conference next Saturday at the site of the digging to declare details of the newly found cache.

This discovery is the most important one in the last few years. It includes until now more than 20 colored coffins. The coffins are still, together with its colors and inscriptions, in good condition.

They are also still closed for thousands of years dated back to the era of Ancient Egypt. They were hidden in two layers one above the other.