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Anani Opens 6th Int'nal Conference of Young Egyptian Scientists

Thu 22 Aug 2019 | 10:11 PM
Ali Abu Dashish

Dr. Khaled El-Anani the Antiquities Minister, opened the 6th International Conference of Young Egyptian Scientists in Leiden city, Netherlands.

It was attended by Egypt's Ambassador Amjad Abd El Ghaffar, Leiden Ancient Near East University leaders and more than 100 graduate students of Egyptology and Archeology from all over the world.

El Anani, opened the conference and highlighted the efforts exerted by Egypt, represented by the Antiquities Ministry, in preserving Egypt's cultural heritage and the various archaeological discoveries which have taken place during the past period. The discoveries received wide media coverage at the local and international level .

Also, many tombs, archaeological sites, national museums that have been opened to the public; it depict how the country has been preserving its artifacts and its role in the development of archaeological awareness as scientific, cultural and artistic institutions.

Furthermore, the minister stressed to all attendees which he stressed the need to adhere to the archaeological work literature especially, in the observation of selling the Egyptian antiquities in auction rooms without showing their title deeds.

He urged young scholars and antiquities officials in European and international museums to fight this phenomenon to preserve the antiquities Egyptian for future generations.

Naqaa foundation offers youth from the age of 13 to 45 to present their scientific topics and creative ideas through the biggest cultural scientific conference in Egypt. The conference will join many professors and researchers in all scientific and cultural fields; Medicine, Engineering, Astronomy, Nuclear science, Pharmaceuticals, Agriculture and literature.

Attendees can be of all ages and backgrounds. To present an idea, the attendee must be between 13 - 45 years of age.