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Amina Khalil Shares Trailer for TV Series “Al Harsha Al Saba”

Fri 10 Mar 2023 | 08:56 AM
Yara Sameh

Egyptian actress Amina Khalil unveiled Thursday on Instagram the official trailer for her upcoming TV series "Al Harsha Al Saba" (Seventh Year Itch).

It also stars Aida Reyad, Emad Rashad, Asmaa Galal, Mohamed Chahine, Aly Kassem, and others.

“Al Harsha Al Saba” is scripted by Mariam Naoum and directed by Karim El Shenawy.

The project witnesses some sort of reunion between Khalil, Naoum, Galal, and Kassem after working together in the 2021 TV series “Khali Balak from Zizi”.

"Al Harsha Al Saba" is set to screen in the Ramadan 2023 drama marathon on "MBC Masr" TV channel and "Shahid" streaming platform.

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Khalil participated last Ramadan with the TV series “Al Aedoon”, starring Amir Karara.

It also starred Mahmoud Abdel Moghni, Mohamed Farrag, Jihane Khalil, Eslam Gamal, Mohamed Ezz, and others.

Director Ahmed Nader Galal helmed from a script by Baher Dowidar. It was filmed in 5 countries, including Europe and Jordan.

The series tackles a separate story from its predecessor “Hagma Mortada” and is not an extension of it.

“Al Aedoon” is based on a true story and depicts the changes in the Arab region, and how the Egyptian state dealt with the threats it faced in 2018-2020.

Al Aedoon

Khalil, born on October 26, 1988, is one of the best actresses in Egypt and the Middle East.

The actress is known for her roles in films such as “Les Baghdad” (2020), “122” (2018), “El Badla” (2018), “Sheikh Jackson” (2017), “El Khaleya” (2017), and “El Kenz” (2017).

She is also famous for her work on the television series “Leh La” (2020), “Layali Eugenie” (2018), “La Totfe’ Al Shams” (2018), “Grand Hotel” (2016), “Esteefa” (2015), “Saheb El Saada” (2014), “Negdeb Law Qolna Mabenhebesh” (2013), “Sharbat Louz” (2012), “Taraf Talet” (2012), and “Al Jamiaa” (2011).

In 2014, Khalil received the Jury Prize for the film festival Asham Film Society’s annual Forty Egyptian cinema.