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U.S. Official Launches Horrific Attack on Chinese 5G Networks

Fri 23 Oct 2020 | 03:12 PM
Omnia Ahmed

During a press conference held at the headquarters of the American Embassy in Cairo, on Thursday evening, Washington warned companies and governments against dealing with Chinese companies due to the hacks, according to Keith Krach’s statement.


The Under Secretary of State for Economic Growth, Energy, and the Environment, Keith Krach said that he visited NATO headquarters and met the European Commissioner in the Belgian capital, Brussels, in order to discuss the same issue.

Krach added that he stressed the major importance of “cybersecurity” to Washington's partners in NATO, whether in times of war or times of peace.

Krach also stated that not relying on clean networks is considered a threat to both national and global security in general.

Krack pointed that when he spoke with the European Union Commissioner about the need for governments to avoid the Chinese networks, the European official replied that the boards of directors of European companies are the ones who decide the status of dealing with Chinese companies, taking into consideration the importance of clean networks.

The American official mentioned that the ‘clean network’ is an urgent necessity and extremely important for Egypt as many Egyptian companies are interested in it, stating that the friendly countries such as Singapore, Vietnam and Australia have already made decisions to dispense Chinese networks.

He noted that all of these countries can help Egypt to make the same decision as well, and guide those concerned about alternatives, indicating that it does not have to be American products, as there are Scandinavian countries that also have great companies, in addition to companies in South Korea.

“Egypt enjoys a leading position in the region, which it deserves, being a pioneering country,” the American official said. “ It must be at the forefront.”

The American official stressed that Washington is deeply concerned with Egyptian national security, given that Cairo is a genuine partner in ensuring regional security; therefore his visit comes at an ideal time, confirming that US is a strong partner to Egypt in the security and information sectors which leads to ‘economic security’ and preserves the privacy of the developed technologies made in Egypt.

The American official pointed that the Republican and Democratic parties in his country would follow a firm policy towards Egypt with regard to supporting information security, networks, data protection and a clean network.

The American official added that Chinese companies offer very cheap prices that may reach free; however, in the long run the cost will be exorbitant because it is a matter of data protection, even if these companies provide the equipment required for fifth generation technology, the cost doesn’t only involve the equipment, as the price may be data threatening the national security of any country.

He also stated that fifty global companies refused to rely on Chinese networks and want to rely on clean networks, and announced their intention to stay away from Chinese products in this field after evaluating the level of data protection, saying that their current president displayed extreme aggression regarding the information security.

He called for the necessity of having reliable information security companies to protect the national security of the country, as well as choosing parties who do not play according to the transparency rules, nepotism and various standards we cannot see in China, indicating that the rules of trade in the free market do not mean exploiting the freedom to transfer data and threatening national and international security.

He indicated that he has worked in the ‘Silicon Valley’ in the United States for 30 years, stressing that the decision of using of 5G networks depends on reliable suppliers from countries ruled by law.