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Amazing Things to Do in Sharm El Sheikh While You Are There for COP27

Exploring the beautiful city of Sharm El Sheikh before effective starting of the COP27’s activities tomorrow.

Sun 06 Nov 2022 | 03:20 PM
Ahmed Emam

The COP27 conference will see some of Sharm El Sheikh's most notable attractions – including the Sharm El-Sheikh Museum and Soho Square – open their doors for the first two weeks of November.

Visitors can engage in plenty of activities to further maximize the fun and double the pleasure. From enjoying a fresh juice in Shark Bay, to visiting Al Sahaba Mosque, here are four Sharm El Sheikh's experiences no visitor should miss out on.

Soho Square 

For a more exciting experience, visitors can head over to SOHO Square, fondly known as the biggest modern bazaar and vibrant square in Egypt, which is just north of Sharm El-Sheikh's old market. It’s a great place to find handmade souvenirs, as well as merchants selling beautiful textiles

The visitors will find stalls selling clothing, jewelry, accessories, bags, and souvenirs. This is definitely the perfect place to go in order to mingle with the locals.

Speaking to SEE, Juana, 34, an American traveler, said: "I always suggest this place to anyone because it features a lot of the best restaurants and shops."

Sharm El-Sheikh Museum

The museum's halls shed light on various aspects of human civilization and culture, especially the ancient Egyptian civilization. This is done through a selection of historical items that were carefully chosen from museum storage rooms.

The Museum’s Grand Hall traces the evolution of humans and wildlife in ancient Egypt and highlights ancient Egyptian civilization’s preoccupation with science, mathematics, industry, crafts, family life, and love for animals to the point of reverence. To showcase this point, animal the Grand Hall is where animal mummies are displayed.

The Hall of Civilization features numerous valuable antiques like the beautiful inner and outer coffins of Isetemheb, the wife of the high-priest of AmunPanedjem II, who was herself a priestess of Isis, Min, and Horus in Akhmim.

"The new museum presents the remarkable history of human evolution," said Ahmed Mousa, a former archaeologist.  

 Shark Bay

One of the most popular bays in Sharm El-Sheikh, Shark Bay is located on the western part of the city and stretches for nearly 7km from Neama Bay. It has numerous resorts, cafes, and restaurants and is the perfect place to cool off on a hot summer’s day.

Despite its scary name, the bay is brilliant for a family holiday thanks to its miles of safe, white, sandy beaches, offering a variety of swimming, beach sports, and water sports facilities, as well as nearby cafes and restaurants. Some beaches there offer camping nearby, as well as beautiful scenery to enjoy and plentiful sunshine.

Katarina, a Russian citizen, told Sada Elbald English (SEE): "The beaches of Shark Bay are perfect for those who like snorkeling. The underwater world is also magnificent with all the colorful corals and fishes."

Al Sahaba Mosque

The golden domes of this impressive modern mosque dominate the skyline of Sharm el-Sheikh and have become something of a symbol for the city.

Opened in 2017 and built with help from the Ahbab ElMoustafa institution and Egypt's government, the Al Sahaba Mosque is striking in its plainness, built in white marble and simple decoration. Set back off the main square. The Ancient Market Area is the biggest mosque in the coastal city.

Tourists wanting to enter the mosque can only visit it between 11 am and 9 pm, when prayer are not conducted.

If visitors are genuinely interested and suitably dressed, they’ll be welcomed by one of the staff members who hang out by the entrance. Men must wear long trousers and women a long skirt or dress.

It's worthy mentioning that the main prayer hall inside the mosque can accommodate up to 3000 worshipers and has beautifully carved wooden side panels and doors, a specially woven carpet, and impressive chandeliers.