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All You Need to Know about Alexandria's Graeco-Roman Museum

Tue 22 Aug 2023 | 01:18 PM
Ahmed Emam

The Graeco-Roman Museum in Alexandria is set to open in the coming months after eighteen years hiatus.

The museum, which consists of 27 halls and an attractive garden, has been renovated by the Supreme Council of Antiquities.

The renovation work included completing the various engineering works, and the preparation for the museum’s display scenario.

Here are some interesting facts about Alexandria Graeco-Roman Museum below:

Build in 1892, the Alexandria Graeco-Roman Museum was first housed in a five-room apartment on Rosetta Street (now Horriya), then moved to a larger building near Gamal Abdul Nasser Street.

The largest Museum of Roman and Greek Antiquities in the Mediterranean region was opened in 1895 by Khedive Abbas II. The museum edited the Bulletin of the Alexandria Archaeological Society.

The museum features valuable artifacts from Egypt's Graeco-Roman period, including a black granite sculpture of Apis, the sacred bull of the Egyptians, mummies, sarcophagi, tapestries, and other objects.

The museum's collection includes donations from wealthy Alexandrians, excavations by successive directors within the town and environs, objects from the Organization of Antiquities at Cairo, and various digs in Fayoum and Benhasa.

It is housed in a historic building with a beautiful neoclassical facade of six columns and a pediment bearing the large Greek inscription ‘MOYΣEION’ ("MOUSEION").