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All Out: AEW Starts to Move On Away From CM Punk Situation?

Wed 06 Sep 2023 | 03:04 PM
Rana Atef

Early Monday, All Elite Wrestling (AEW) introduced its "All Out," which is described as the promotion's biggest annual pay-per-view, despite the hinders and temptations faced by the promotion including 80,000+ crowd of All In in the previous week in London, and the chaos in the locker room after the disputes of CM Punk with a number of talents and AEW President Tony Khan, driving Khan to fire Punk just 24 hours before the Chicago-based All Out.

Moreover, the card of the event was highly criticized due to the lack of build, the shortage of time between All In, and All Out, and the shortage of the presence of "storylines" except for a few matches like Omega-Takishta, and Cassidy-Mox. 

Having a pay-per-view show in Chicago, hours after firing the city's golden boy and national hero, Punk, seemed to be an additional pressure for the creative team, talents, producers, and staff of the AEW. But, it seems that they had nothing to do except bring Khan's promise to create a fabulous show to reality.

The earliest steps were taken as all mention of Punk was removed from all AEW Collision, AEW All Out, and AEW website were removed.

Calling one of Punk's earliest Collision rivals, Jay White, to the center of the poster as the 30-year star was a winning card for the Elite over the WWE as the Stamford-based company tried to White to it before the Jacksonville's guys captured his services.

In addition, it seems that AEW would start to re-arrange its Saturday Night Collision show to cover the absence of Punk like calling Bryan Danielson who seems to be the promotion's guardian angel in the forthcoming period to replace Punk in his rivalry against Ricky Starks, involving Ricky "the Dragon" Steamboat.

During the Media Scrum following All Out, Khan reflects that Danielson would be a main part of Collision as he perfectly fits the show, along with Jon Mox.

Before the establishment of Collision, it was reported that Danielson plays a vital role in the creative process of the show. 

Moving to the crowds! Before the show, various reports claimed that many fans may ask for a refund as they would boycott the show after the release of Punk. But, it seems that Chicago loves AEW as it loves Punk. 

The hall was full, the chants were high, and the fans enjoyed it! Regarding the in-ring work, it was perfect. Thousands of fans called it better than All In.

The victory of Adam "Hangman" Page with the battle royale was a good move, and a decision praised by the fans. It seems Page returned the favor and denoted the $50K to Chicago's Education Fund.

Danielson's entrance with Europe's "The Final Countdown" made everyone around in madness. He and Starks delivered a perfect match.

The night was full of great matches like Darby Allin and Luchasaurus for the TNT, Takishta and Omega, Ruby Soho and Kris Statelander for the TBS, and Miro and Powerhouse Hobbs.

Hobbs and Miro's match was the loudest by the fans, especially after the appearance of CJ Perry.

The show was perfectly main-evented by Cassidy and Mox who gave the audience the best in-ring performance ever for the AEW International title.

The show was great, and the crowds were full and entertained, It seems that AEW started to move on.